July 1, 2014

Magento Define country regions for Australia

Just insert SQL following:
INSERT INTO `directory_country_region` (`region_id`, `country_id`, `code`, `default_name`) VALUES (NULL, 'AU', 'VIC', 'Victoria'), (NULL, 'AU', 'NSW', 'New South Wales'), (NULL, 'AU', 'QLD', 'Queensland'), (NULL, 'AU', 'ACT', 'Australian Captial Territory'), (NULL, 'AU', 'NT', 'Northern Territory'), (NULL, 'AU', 'WA', 'Western Australia'), (NULL, 'AU', 'SA', 'South Australia'), (NULL, 'AU', 'TAS', 'Tasmania'); INSERT INTO `directory_country_region_name` (`locale`, `region_id`, `name`) VALUES ('en_AU', '485', 'Victoria'), ('en_AU', '486', 'South Australia'), ('en_AU', '487', 'Western Australia'), ('en_AU', '488', 'Northern Territory'), ('en_AU', '489', 'Queensland'), ('en_AU', '490', 'New South Wales'), ('en_AU', '491', 'Australian Capital Territory'), ('en_AU', '492', 'Tasmania');

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